Top 10 Ways to Promote Business by Instagram Story

Let’s take the brief introduction on Intstagram Story. In Instagram you can add pictures, short video clips and text etc, also you can add smiley and stickers to make more attractive the story. Everything you upload on the Instagram story it will shown in slideshow to your people. The instagram story stay online just for 24 hours after 24 hours it gone disappear. So you have to update your instagram story regularly and before completing 24 hours so that’s how the between you and your people remain close. Here we are adding top 10 ways to promote your business via Instagram story below.

In this article we are going to tell you top 10 ways and tricks those are help you in your business promotion and increase your sale in the business

1. Post Instagram Story Relevant to your business

Before uploading the Instagram story you should keep in your mind that you need to post that story which 100% relevant to your business. In this ways you can create your bond with the user and you can increase your sale. You need to adopt best strategy for promoting your business over IG story because business strategy is the backbone of every business. This way will help you to monitor the performance of your business activities. For example you have business of woman and man cloths and you are posting the pictures and videos of babies cloths which is relevant. If you are doing the business of Woman and Man garments then you should upload the pictures and video clips related to babies garments.

2. Post Events and Products related to business on IG story

In this strategy you need to post products and events of your business. Whenever you are going to launch your new product you should have to show it on your instagram story and create the curiosity in the people. Try to show them the features of your new product only features don’t tell them to buy by this you can decrease your IG followers. As well as you should have to upload upcoming events of your business such as seminars, workshops and conference etc. Upload them with the venue, date and time. Also try to attach the smileys and stickers relevant to your business on you IG story because it will more effect on your IG story and increase the increase attraction between users. The one important thing try to come live on Instagram story and show your new product to the people and tell them about its features on live video.

3. Use IG TV and GIFS in your Instagram Story

You need to create high quality Gifs related to your business you can create Gif of your any product or you can create gif of any advertisement related to your company and business. You should keep one thing in your mind. Don’t use high animations in the gifs because sometime when you upload the gif on the IG story it will shown akward so try to use medium quality animation. You can also use IG (Instagram ) TV in you IG story. People love to see IG TV on Instagram If you share IG TV on story then less clip will show for watching full video user have to click on authors name so show he or she can see the full video by this attraction will increase between you and the people.

4. Use Hashtags in Your IG story

hashtagUsing hashtags is the best way to increase your audience. There are many websites and app on the internet those are providing best hashtags those will relate to your business mostly are free if you want some extraordinary and high search hashtags then maybe you need to pay. Always use hashtags relevant to your business. Don’t use irrelevant tags for example your business is woman garments and you use hashtags related to men garments which is not good. You need audience those are interested in Woman garments not in man garments. So we recommend you use this strategy to increase your sales and leads.

5. Use hyperlinks to attract your followers

Instagram is the best social media platform which is help in increasing the traffic on your website, blog or youtube video. If you followers more than 10 thousand and you have a your personal blog then by putting the url of your blog in the IG story you can increase your traffic. For example 100 people watch your story on Instagram minimum 10 people must visit your website in the mode of curiosity.

6. Mention your competitor in your IG story

In your Instagram story always mention your competitors by this you can get two benefits. It is obvious your competitor have more traffic and more sales than you so if you mention your competitor in your Instagram story then you can easily increase the traffic on you IG story and there is a great chance followers of your competitor follow you because you are creating the link with competitor if any person see the profile of your competitor then your profile shown in his or her suggestion and in anxiety he or she can open your profile and follow you.

7. Use viral topics and news in your IG story.

You can use viral news in your IG story. This is the method to increase the engagement between the user. You can use viral topics in the form of hastags, captions or comments. You just need to find the viral news which is relevant to your business such as you have a business of garments and cloths then just need to find out any viral news which is related to fashion or cloths then upload that news on your Instagram story and then comment on that news.

8. Offer sales for limited time in your Story

Offering sales is the best way to attract the people towards your business because people love sales. You just need to offer sales with limited time and post it on the Instagram story. Always use the good pictures of your product on the Instagram story also mention the original price and price after discount. This thing will catch the people towards your product. By this strategy you will gain maximum sale. Because people don’t want to lose the products on sales so they are trying to buy the products which are on the sale.

9. When you need to post Instagram Story.

As you know the picture and video clip still remain on online for 24 hours and after 24 hours it will remove which is actually the advantage but if you are posting the good and attractive content then your people always in curiosity to watch your new Instagram stories. You should have 4 to 5 posts for uploading in a day and try to upload each post on IG story after 5 hours. By this you can maintain the engagement and bonding with your followers and you followers never disappoint with you and you can easily increase the sales in your business

10. Always try to upload interactive content

In this strategy always try to upload that content which your follower want to see. For this you analyze the interest of you followers you can see your previous posts and check where followers show more likes and comments choose choose top 2 to 3 posts and make one new post in which you show the summary of top 3 posts by this your followers will attract you and give you more attraction and engagement.