Tips and Tricks to Save Instagram Story

Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the Internet world. If we talk about its ranking according to Google Instagram stands at second rank in the social media category after Facebook. This time billions of people using Instagram they upload their pictures, videos, do an audio calling and video calling. Most of the people use Instagram for business promotions such as they do promotion of their products for selling purposes. They have to pay Instagram for the advertisement. A Few years later Instagram launched the one more feature in the application it was Instagram Story. There you can upload your pictures and video but your post stays online just for 24 hours. This feature is very popular in the means of business promotion. If you have ever noticed on the Instagram app there are some small circles are showing on the top those are actually IG stories of your friends whom you have followed.

Is it possible to save Instagram Story?

In Instagram, there is no official option for downloading the story of your friends or those you have followed. Sometimes during visiting IG stories you liked some stories and you want to see them again and again but you can see only for 24 hours so in this purpose you need to save or download stories. Fortunately, there are many applications or tools in Android, IOs and Desktop computers with the help of them you can easily download the stories.

How you can save your IG story

In Instagram, you can download your own stories easily. There is an official option for this action. Follow the following steps to save the story.

  • First of all, create the story on Instagram and publish that.
  • After publishing you open your story when it goes live. After that you will see three dots on the top right corner tap on that then you will the option of saving the story.
  • Click on the save story option then you will see the story in the gallery in the folder of Instagram.

Tricks for Android user to save IG story

As we mentioned above there is an official option for saving the other’s Instagram story because Instagram admits as wrong because keeping other’s data without permission it is ethically wrong. But if you want to download the story then are many applications available in play store with the help of them you can easily download the story. One of the famous app names is Story Saver this application is available on a play store you can easily get it, also you can read its reviews how reliable it is. For using this application the steps are mentioned below:

  • First of all, go to the play store of your android mobile or tablet
  • Then type Story saver in the search bar
  • You will on the top Story saver app open that and check the reviews for confirmation
  • For downloading click on the Install button it will download soon because it has no large size.
  • After download, opens the application login with your Instagram account.
  • You will see the environment will similar to Instagram.
  • Open any Instagram story picture or video then you will find the option of download
  • The download picture will be shown in the gallery

Note: This application can also use for downloading the pictures and videos other than IG stories

Tricks for iPhone users to save Instagram stories

The Instagram application is iPhone is little bit change from Android application in the mean of features and structural view but unfortunately, you will not find any option for saving or downloading the other’s Instagram story reason is very simple Instagram doesn’t want to leak out the people’s privacy without permission. So how you can download it? Yes, you can download and it is a very easy process for downloading or saving in the Instagram stories. As like Android mobile iPhones have an application with the name of Story Reposter it is available for free on the iPhone store go there and get it. Follow the following steps to download and use this application for downloading or saving.

  • Go to your iPhone App store or iTunes store.
  • Type Story Reposter in the search bar.
  • Download for free from the app store
  • After download opens the application and login with your Instagram account.
  • Search the username or story you want to download
  • Open the story there you will see the option of saving the story
  • Click on that option and story will automatically save
  • For viewing the save story click on the camera

As an alike android application, you can download other photos and videos with the help of this application

How laptop users can save the IG story

Except for the application Instagram has an official website for people who love to use the Internet on a PC or laptop. You can also see the Instagram story on the laptop. You can like or comment on the posts too. But the drawback is that you cannot upload the photos and videos on Instagram on laptops or PCs but we are talking about downloading stories from the desktop yes it is possible that there are two ways of downloading those are mentioned below.

By using Internet Download Manager:

The first thing you can easily download any image on the laptop you are using google chrome browser by right click on any page you will see the option of saving an image. For downloading the videos use Internet download manager download this software from their official website and install it. Open any Instagram story video after some seconds you will see the option of Download this video click on that option and then save the video.

By using google chrome extensions:

In Google Chrome, there is an extension by name of IG extension install that extension. Open that extension you don’t need to login just search the username, open the story, click on the user’s icon on the top right then click on the download.