Learn About Instagram Video Length

According to Survey 2019 more than 500 million people are using Instagram daily. According to this stat we can say Instagram is now becoming the top leading platform social media website.

Instagram introduced stories in 2016. In stories you can upload the video of 15 seconds, that will last in 24 hours. 36% of the 500 millions users are using Instagram for business promotions. So Instagram stories play a very vital role in a business’s standing.

Videos on Instagram have more potential to attract more audiences. If you are new on Instagram the videos will help you alot in gaining more engagement else you can buy Instagram video views for instant boost. You can upload the video on Instagram in different formats. In IG feed and IG story you are not able to upload the larger videos. Now Instagram has launched the IGTV and Instagram Live, in which you can upload the video more than 15 seconds and up to 60 minutes. In the future , more improvements can occur in video length.

How Long Instagram Videos Can Be?

On Instagram you can upload different types of videos such as Story, Feed, Live videos and IGTV. In this section we will tell you about how long an Instagram video can be different types of video with the available video lengths.

  • Instagram Feed: In Instagram feed you can upload the video of minimum 3 seconds and maximum 1 minute.
  • Instagram Story: In Instagram you are restricted to upload the video for 15 seconds, and you can upload the maximum 100 stories in 24 hours.
  • IGTV: It is also called Instagram TV. In this you can upload the video of more than 15 seconds to 15 minutes. But if you are verified on Instagram, then you can upload the Instagram video length of 60 minutes.
  • Instagram Live: You can go live with the audience for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Have you seen it? There are different types of videos with different duration lengths, you should have to consider it. Before making the video for Instagram, just need to make sure for which platform I.e. Feed, story and IGTV. For live video you don’t need to create the video, you need to start live streaming. These analyses help you in making creative videos.

What is the Maximum Duration of Instagram Feed Video

As we have mentioned above, Instagram allows you to upload a video of minimum 3 seconds and maximum 1 minute on the Instagram feed. In case you have created a longer video than 1 minute, you need to trim the video. First of all you need to select a video, then click on trim, you will get sliding handles inlet and right at beginning and ending of the video, at last crop the video to 1 minute.

You can upload 1 image or video by using a carousel post. By using a trip tool you can crop the larger video in the second 1 minute each. Let’s suppose you have the video of 10 minutes and you have to upload it on the Instagram feed. You have trimmed the video in 10 parts and each part will have the video of 1 minute, and then you need to upload sequentially in a carousel post.

How Long An Instagram Story Can Be?

Instagram story was released in 2016 and has become the most popular feature on Instagram since it was introduced. On Instagram stories you are restricted to upload the video for 15 seconds, and the video will remain online for 24 hours. For uploading the larger video you can upload in parts of 15 seconds each.

How to Make Larger Instagram Story Video

If you have a large video and you want to upload it on the Instagram story, luckily you can. Indeed you can’t upload a video of the length more than 15 seconds, but it is different. If you try to upload the large video in the story, Instagram will automatically crop the video in parts. For example you have to upload the video for 1 minute, Instagram will crop the video in 4 parts (15 seconds for each part).

There are few apps available such as CutStory, Story Cutter, Story Slicer and other apps are helping in cropping the large video in the different sections.

How Long IGTV Video Length Can Be?

IGTV might be new for you, because this feature was released recently. IGTV stands for Instagram TV. The purpose of releasing this feature is to upload large videos like Youtube. It is also gaining popularity on Instagram, people love to watch the video such as funny videos, vines and other types of videos on it. For uploading the video on IGTV you need to click on the IGTV option (on the top of the home with TV symbol), choose your video, add the meaningful caption and description. Now click on the post.

Usually the video length of the IGTV is more than 15 seconds and maximum 15 minutes. But for the verified account the IGTV video can last up to 60 minutes. If you want to share your IGTV video on IG Feed, you need to install the IGTV app. With the help of this app you can even analyse the statistics.

How Long Instagram Live Video Can Be?

If you are on Instagram for the business promotion, then you should get benefits from the Instagram Live feature. This feature lets you start the live streaming with the audience. The Live streaming will be last at the end of 60th minute as similar to Facebook Live. You can even have the Live video for the audience who have missed your live streaming.

There is something interesting in the Live Video, if someone interacts with you on the Live video the real time will also mention you. For example if someone comments “Hello Buddy” at 15:41, then the time will be shown along the comment.

Once you start a live video the notification will be sent to your audience, and the live badge will show on your profile picture. When you click on the start live video, you will be live with the people after the countdown of 3 seconds.

How to Create Short Instagram Videos?

Sometimes you create a large video, which is difficult to upload on the few formats, such as if you have created a video of 3 minutes , it will be difficult to upload on Feed and Story. Don’t need to panic on it. You can crop and increase the speed of the video, so how the video will become shorter. You can crop via Instagram editor, but for increasing the speed you need to take help from other apps.

How to Make Larger Video On Instagram

Sometimes your content is too short for the specific type of format, such as on IG you need to upload the video, but the video length you have is just 7 seconds. So for making the Instagram video length larger you can slow the speed of the video, looping the video, or you can combine it with another video.

In above we have mentioned about the carousel trick, you can use this trick in Instagram story. If the video is 150 seconds, with the help of a carousel you can increase it to 10 minutes.


There is no doubt the future of marketing is Social media, and Instagram is one of the most leading social platforms over the Internet nowadays. Video has more power than photos to interact with more audiences, that’s why we have shared this article, so how you can learn about the Instagram video with different formats.

In Instagram you will find the different formats of the videos. We have tried our best to clear your everything about the Instagram videos. You can even use the different tools for trimming and increasing the length of the video.