How To Increase Traffic on Website With Instagram Swipe Up Feature

The Instagram swipe up feature is the best way to connect your audience and increase the traffic on the website.

On a daily basis approximately 800 million people are using Instagram, so you can consider it as the best platform for developing your own brand.

In this fast world social media and digital marketing is more than creating unique content. You should have to find out the ways to engage your audience continuously.

What Is Swipe Up and How Does It work?

If you are familiar with Instagram, then you should also have knowledge that you are able to publish your content in two ways.

The first one is you can publish your content in the Instagram feed, as a regular post. This post will be permanent till you cannot delete it.

The second one is to publish your content on Instagram story. It is the most popular feature of Instagram, but the content remains online for 24 hours only. Of course it hits your mind that you seem useless, and unnecessary, but trust me it is very beneficial for the standing of business online.

  • You can publish your content frequently and can get the highest engagement.
  • The Instagram story helps you to experience real time digital marketing to increase your brand awareness, and gain the audience’s attention.
  • The story keeps itself visible on the end of your follower’s feeds, it will appear on the top of the home page.

The Swipe up is the feature of the Instagram story, you can use it to make your content more powerful.

You have noticed many times on the Instagram story the label “Swipe Up” or “See more” with the arrow symbol.

When the visitors swipe up on the story, they are automatically directed to the destination link. It can be a product page, or your website page. It sounds awesome right?

How to Add Swipe Up to The Instagram Story?

The swipe up feature is not available for every Instagram user, there is some criteria for using this feature. If you want to convert your Instagram audience to website traffic then you need to be eligible first.

  • Your Profile should be a business account.
  • You should have a minimum of 10K followers on your profile.

If you have both of these things, then you can put the swipe up feature on your story.

Let’s take an example: you have 20K followers and a business account. You have started a YouTube channel, and you want subscribers on the channel. Getting subscribers manually is not easy, if you have an audience on your IG account, then with the help of swipe up feature you can convert your audience to YouTube subscribers.

Benefits of Using the Swipe Up Feature

Instagram story itself is a powerful tool for the business, but ebbing the Swipe Up feature in the story can be a game changer. Below I have mentioned a few reasons why you should use the swipe up option in the story, if you are eligible.

Increase Website Traffic

If you are running a business on Instagram, then for sure you have a main website, that’s the link you have put in the bio. Do you really think it is enough? No this is not enough, you should want something with the help of you can drive the visitors to the website traffic.

People don’t have much time that they first go to your bio, and then click on the link for watching your products. This is not an efficient way.

This could be more efficient with the help of swipe up feature. If you posted a new catalog of the products, and you want to sell them rapidly, then connect the link of the catalogue to the story with the help of swipe up option. If you are still not getting visitors on the website, then you can buy Instagram Story SWIPE UP for better performance.

Display Another Side to Your Audience

As you know the Instagram story allows you to display your content for 24 hours. Most Instagram users want to show the other side of life which is more real and spontaneous.

For the business the Instagram story is the great opportunity, to introduce themselves to the audience.

Swipe Up features in the story can increase the traffic on the website, and can increase the sales of the product, but besides it can also help you get interact with the audience personally at an extremely pleasant human level.

Most brands follow this strategy to keep their audience with them.

Keep Relevant and Visible

When you are posting on the Instagram feed frequently, at one moment your followers start getting fed up from your frequent posting, and they leave showing interest in your content. The one more thing you will not realise is that your audience is visiting your post or not.

Instagram story will be the much better option in this situation. You can post the content frequently. The Instagram story displays at the top of the home screen. This is the best way you can inform your followers with any information and news. The clear format of the Instagram story makes it easy and quick to upload the content.

In simple words you can say the swipe up feature on the story makes it more powerful and flexible.