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You can Buy IGTV Views for any of your videos on Instagram. This is a new, exciting, and top-selling service for Instagram. With this feature, you can quickly and freely upload videos to your IGTV app or Instagram. The videos can be 15 seconds to 60 minutes long. This service will help you quickly get a quality audience to view your IGTV videos.

What Are Instagram TV Views?

IGTV ViewsIGTV views are a new feature that Instagram has introduced. It allows you to upload videos that can be 60 minutes long or less. Before this new feature, you could only upload videos that were one minute long to Instagram, and 15-second videos could be uploaded to your story. Instagram created this feature to give people more video options. To use IGTV, you just click the right top corner of the Instagram app. You will then be instructed to make a channel where you upload your videos. When you are finished making the channel, you can begin uploading videos that are greater than one minute long. Then everyone on Instagram will be able to see your videos. They can also comment on and like your videos.

At first, there were some problems with the video aspect ratio. Instagram has fixed this, though. Now you can even add videos to IGTV that are in landscape. We are happy with the new IGTV feature and believe it is handy. You should give this feature a try and upload your videos to your new IGTV channel.

Why We Need To Buy IGTV Views?

Instagram TV views are just as desirable as IGTV views. With this service, you can enhance and boost how far your Instagram videos reach. This feature works just like your videos on Instagram. You can add a description and title to your video, and people can comment and like your videos also. The more creative your videos are, the more organic followers and likes you will get with this service.

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Top Features :

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  • There is a separate app available for IGTV. This app is ready for download in the Google Play Store if you have an Android. If you have Apple, you can download the app for IOS too.
  • With IGTV video views, you can add a description and title to your video!
  • Using this service and having more IGTV likes is a game-changer. To learn more about the service, look at IGTV likes here.

If you have questions and would like to contact us, please visit our contact us page. We will be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone have an IGTV channel?

If you have an IG account, you can have an IGTV channel.

How long can videos be?

You can upload videos up to 60 minutes long.

Can I create an IGTV channel that is not connected to my IG account?

No. Your IGTV account must be connected to your IG account.

Can I have more than one IGTV account?

Yes. If you own more than one IG account, you can have more than one IGTV account.

If I keep my IG account private, will my IGTV account also be private

Yes, only your followers will be able to see your IGTV videos if your account is set to private.

How do I create an IGTV account?

It is easy. First, you download and install the IGTV app from Apple or the Play Store. Then you open the app and simply tap the ring icon. Click on “create channel” and follow the online instructions. If you are using a web browser, from your IG account, you view your profile and select the IGTV option. You click on “create channel” and follow the directions.