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What Are IGTV Likes?

IGTV LikesInstagram has introduced a few features called IGTV. You can upload videos and get IGTV Likes for your videos. In IGTV, you can see who views, likes, and comments. As your views increase, it is essential that your likes also increase. By having more likes, you will also organically grow more traffic to your IGTV. Since IGTV is a new feature of Instagram, it is vital to growing your traffic quickly and organically.

Why Should Someone Buy IGTV Likes?

Many people are wondering why they need to buy IGTV Likes. The reason why is simple. Everyone knows that IGTV views are essential, and so are IGTV likes. Having more IGTV likes will naturally grow the traffic to your account and your video posts. Having more views, likes, and more traffic increases and improves your reputation and the reach of your name and brand. Your goal is to have the maximum reach, and IGTV likes can help you do this. With more IGTV likes, you will be able to reach a greater audience than ever before. You may also want to Buy IGTV Views. If so, look at our page here to buy IGTV Views.

Advantages of Purchasing IGTV Likes:

  • They will increase the reach and impressions of your videos.
  • With more impressions, your organic reach will also increase.
  • You will get an immediate response to your videos after 12-24 hours of upload.
  • Easier and faster than manually gaining likes
  • Your video stats will look much more appealing to your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a live video to my IGTV channel?

No. You cannot add a live video yet.

Is there a maximum file size that can be uploaded?

Yes. Your file size cannot be larger than 3.6GB.

Is there an aspect ratio that is recommended for videos that will be upload to IGTV?

Yes, 9:16 is the recommended aspect ratio.

Will IGTV allow me to upload a video that is recorded in landscape mode?

Yes, you can upload videos that are filmed horizontally or in landscape mode.

Can I upload a video to my IGTV account that is on my desktop and not on my phone?

Yes, IGTV allows you to upload videos from your desktop or laptop.

Does IGTV have video editing features built-in? Answer

No. There are no video editing features available through IGTV. You must edit your video before uploading it