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Social media has revolutionized a lot since the past few decades. It has become a platform for businesses to show their services and abilities to customer in an effective way. Instagram is one of the best in this regard, their “Story” feature is the talk of the town these days. Businesses use this features to maintain a connection with their clients as they communicate via stories and convey their updates.

How Will Buying Instagram Story Views Make Your Story Successful

Here is the real thing. When you Buy Instagram Story Views, the engagement is increased vigorously. Fans start converting into customers and brand storytellers. Stories are then wildly shared resulting in a successful marketing campaign.

Like always, SocialHungry is the best option from where you can Buy Instagram Story Views. It is one of easiest and effective method to boost your social media engagement. A platform full of millions of users can rocket-boost everything you have planned this year!

Reasons to Buy Instagram Story Views


Our Idea

You will start getting organic growth on Instagram if your content plays a great first impression on the audience. If you have a lot of views, more people are likely to share your stories and your brand. Followers will think in a positive way about your content if you have more views on your story.



There are many big companies that are using Instagram as a way to advertise their brand and its services. The rate of conversion of leads through Instagram is increasing day by day. It is still an undiscovered platform to many business owners and brands which is why the competition is not that tough for now. This gives you a chance to engage with followers through Instagram stories.



Say goodbye to the tiring task of sharing your stories and tagging random people in your Instagram stories. You can get all these views and even more us simply by purchasing our packages of either 500, 1000 or 10,000 Instagram Story Views.

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There is an option of checkout that includes 3 steps on Social Hungry for Buying Instagram Story Views. Once you place an order with us, you will get instant delivery. So it is safe to say that this is one of the easiest methods to buy Instagram Story Views Online.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals work hard to keep an eye on Your Instagram profile and take all measures to keep it safe and secured. So why not us? The experts we have hired will look after every little detail and act accordingly. Our platform is where your search for the best Instagram profile improvement program comes to an end.

We will add extra views to your story to make sure that your Instagram profile is recognized everywhere.

We offer an option of customized services that are completely based on your budget and is affordable.

We believe that customers need to be satisfied after purchasing a service and that our first goal to achieve through our services.

So come on and welcome all those Instagram followers, likes and views on story with a boost! Believe in us and let your business fly at the speed of a sky rocket. Join us as we work together to make our Instagram profile stand out from the rest!

How to Buy Instagram Story Views?

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Frequently asked questions of our

What is an Instagram story view?

Whenever you post any stories on your Instagram story section, it is only designed to enable your followers to view them. Due to which, your followers who are willing to get more details about your stories or brands the story may not legitimately achieve the glares of the followers as well. On the off chance that you need your story to achieve countless, it needs to get more perspectives. You can either get more perspectives naturally or get views right away by acquiring an Instagram story view bundle from SocialHungry. When you intend to buy Instgarm story views, we can influence your story to circulate around the web and help you pull in a tremendous measure of group of onlookers.

Why buy Instagram story views?

If nobody views your story when you post it; there is actually no utilization of transferring it on Instagram. You need to get more perspectives on your Instagram story with the goal that individuals will be increasingly attracted towards the kind of items/administrations you give and this is the reason what makes you extraordinary. Just through increasing more perspectives on your accounts, you can pick up ubiquity. In any case, in the whole pool of Instagram stories, the one you post may get lost. In this way to pick up visibility rapidly, for that, you need to try Auto Instagram story views at SocialHungry.

What data do you have to begin the procedure?

You should simply give your Instagram username to us. When you advise us which stories need to get more perspectives, our group will promptly get the chance to work. You can see the quantity of Instagram story views expanding right away. It would be ideal if you note that so as to carry on our work, you need to set your record setting to 'open.' Our conveyance procedure will promptly stop if your record is 'private.'

Would it be a good idea for me to stress over security concerns when I purchase Instagram views?

You needn't stress over anything. It is absolutely protected. The advertising strategy we use to expand Instagram story views securely. We have conveyed stunning outcomes to new Instagram clients, set up organizations and even well known famous people. We can ensure that our administrations are totally sheltered.

Will my record be restricted in the event that I purchase Instagram story views?

Your record won't get restricted in light of the fact that you are not enjoying any unlawful exercises that will disregard the terms, conditions and security strategy of Instagram.

Is there any security concerns?

Protection of each company or individual is our top most priority. The business that we carry out is more detailed within the knowledge of the buyer and seller at SocialHungry. Nobody will know about the way that you buy Instagram story views except if you uncover it yourself.

Can I get a free trial?

Of course you get a free trial if you are a new customer to us. If you are interested in our services, then feel free to use our free Instagram story views trial. Our customer support will deal with you and we provide a trial without any cost. After that if you like our services then you can go with buying the package.

Who will get the benefit when buying IG Story Views?

On Instagram a wide range of businesses are operating, and they are getting huge benefits from Instagram. Instagram is the most powerful tool for the business, if you utilise it in an efficient way. Yes in the start you need to buy Instagram story views, but literally you will get lots of benefits. You will start getting sales, high engagement and followers on the profile.

What is the Importance of buying Instagram Story Views?

We know Instagram is now the biggest platform for sharing the content on the internet, and in each second thousands of posts are published on Instagram. In the billions of the community don't you think it will be difficult to be popular? Yes it is, and this is the reason the Instagram story views are important. Your brand awareness will increase and you will start getting followers and recommendations on your post.

How to grow Your Brand with Story Views on Instagram?

Obviously we are providing your real and authentic views from the real accounts, and it will impact the positive effect on your brand. Your brand will show as the recommendation to the other users those who have really interest in your brand. People will start getting to know about your brand.

Relationship Between High Quality Content and Story Views

On Instagram many brands and business organisations are focusing on creating the best content to attract the audience and try to increase the awareness of the brand among the people. We think for creating attractive content you should offer the free services to the users that your competitor is offering in bucks. You can offer helpful tips, advice, guidelines, live streaming with useful information and many other things. You can also post free informative articles, blog posts, videos etc. For developing more trust in the audience you can share your current projects with the audience and you can ask them about their feedback. We always think about the future and try to provide the information that could help you to gain your solution.

The user should feel there is a real and authentic person behind the profile, who is for sharing something not for just earning money. The only reason why Social Hungry is publishing free useful and informative articles. We always try to share every deep knowledge to our visitors and followers, our content is public and anybody can take benefit. Every piece of knowledge we share is fully researched and supervised by our expert team.

Let’s talk about what type of content you can upload on Instagram. Well of course there is photo, video and text you can share on the story. Unfortunately you can’t share Long duration videos on story, video should be maximum 15 seconds. You can use the stories for promotion purposes. According to a survey , 70% of the daily users of Instagram also use Instagram stories, so it is the best way of increasing the awareness of your brand. The content for the Instagram story should be attractive and eye catchy. Your words should have power to force the user to take interest in the content. Never filled your story with the words, just do to the point things on the Instagram Story. If you notice the successful brands, they are always focused on the content of Instagram stories and always do better every time for more positive engagement.

What is Instagram?

Do you know Instagram is the top leading social platform, and it is like a sea of people and potential customers for any type of business. In simple words Instagram is the best platform for the online business, but yes it takes time to grow. Starting every work is slow, and the digital marketing manager of your brand should learn and increase the awareness of the brand.

As we are a reputed digital marketing company, we always try to give best advice to newbies on Instagram stories. If you have never tried the Instagram story, then you should try for once at least. The Instagram story lets you publish the photos and videos for 24 hours. The Instagram story was launched in 2016, just for providing the facility to the users to share their daily life activities to the followers. Now Instagram Story has become the most popular feature of Instagram.

The Instagram story is working differently from other types of posts (IG Feed, IGTV and IG Live). The content of the story will remain online for 24 hours only. You can put the textual content, hashtags, stickers and many other interesting things on the story. If you use all features of the Instagram story then you can gain lots of engagements. Ok, once you have done everything (all photos and videos are arranged in the proper slideshow), and put the informative description on every slide, now it's time to publish the story. Once you publish the story, then it will show in the new feeds of the user’s side. Mostly people like to scroll the slides quickly so make sure each slide should have precise and meaningful information. In starting you don't need to create extraordinary content like other famous brands. Take starting from the low level and then increase your level timely. Your content should be simple, not stuffed with the words, hashtags and stickers. Just make the content meaningful so how the user could understand your message easily. If your audience starts responding to your content then it means your content is good enough and they will try to make it better.

How to Take Benefit From Instagram Story Views?

Buying views and followers on Instagram is now becoming common help for the newcomers to start the business on Instagram. But only good content and vision are not enough for gaining success on Instagram. If you dont have followers and views on your story then good content means nothing in the high rush on Instagram. We are offering several offers and packages on our website, which include views for the story and videos, and we have also mentioned that they use subpar content then will be half effective.

For your help so you can learn more about the Instagram platform and our social media packages we have published a few articles on our website. By reading those articles you can find lots of tips, guides and you will get to know which package will be good for your needs.

Now Instagram shows consciousness in the business stories, and always tries to show on the top of the stories to the users. The purpose of the stories was to increase the social circles by just sharing the photos and videos like Snapchat and Facebook.

On Instagram story you can promote too types of stories i.e. Ads and Organic. The organic stories are those you promote without paying any Penny and Instagram share to your followers in the recommendation, but if you use the story as an ad then it will promote to the people those have interest in your brand’s niche. We think in starting you should go for the ad promotion because without followers there is no means of organic promotion, we hope you will get it.

How Your Will Get Help From Our Story Views?

If you compare us to other digital marketing companies, buying Instagram story views is just for increasing the popularity of the profile. This is how you can prevent yourself from making the wrong decision. Mostly the newbies take steps in the Instagram promotion and are caught in the lies of the other digital agencies. This act takes those newcomers to the loss and disappointment. When someone contacts us for the advertising first we brief them with the fundamentals I.e. create the quality content and promote your stories according to your budget. You will get to know our authentic services once you buy Instagram story views from us for the first time.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen can get lots of benefits from purchasing Instagram story views, because it helps them to become popular on Instagram and forces the algorithm to show their presence to the other users of Instagram. Remember one thing if you buy the real and authentic Instagram story views, it will lead you to the people that are interested in your content. Once the algorithm of Instagram will notice that your story is gaining high engagement then it will automatically recommend your post to other users as a recommendation.

If you have cleared all the bases, now you can move forward to the next step and start promoting your Instagram story. Make sure your profile should be ready i.e. should have a brand name, the bio should be clear and must have a website or blog of the brand and connected to your profile. Do you know the blog and website help in engaging lots of users to the profile, and you can also increase the traffic on your website through Instagram. You can also schedule your posts here, we will provide you a dashboard where you can control your stories and can monitor the performance of the stories. Don't you think this is the best way for scheduling your stories, and Social Hungry will help you at every point. We always provide you real and slow views, just to maintain your account naturally, so how your account will be safe.

We Provide Quality Services and Satisfaction

The Social Hungry always provide the best and top quality services, and never compromise on the satisfaction of the customer. We always offer views from real and genuine accounts. It is our responsibility to prevent the client’s account from getting banned and provide them with natural and real views.

Many social media networks in the market are providing fake views from the illegal accounts, and it causes the account of the client to get disable. You should be careful and avoid yourself from getting yourself in this type of situation. We are providing the best customer services, in case of any type of query you can contact us, our support members will assist you. We are most reputed in the market because of our reliable and high quality services. Each and every view we provide you is real and from authentic accounts. Literally you will never regret our services.

Well, we know that the Instagram story lasts 24 hours, so you should be crucial in your mind of getting views faster. We always offer views in the order placed, and we always try to provide your views in such a way you should be safe from getting disable. If by chance we fail to provide your views completely or on time, then we will recover it for the next stories. Well, it happens very rarely. You can get the views on any story, so during buying the package just mention which stories you want views.

At last, if you are interested in any package on our website, just contact free of mind. We will give you a trial which is free. If you are satisfied with the free trial then you can proceed with the package. You can ask any type of question, our customer support member will be restricted to clear your queries. So if you want to be a businessman on Instagram in 2020, then contact us right now. We will give you the best advice and advise that you will get anywhere.